Facing a separation in your marriage is undoubtedly one of the most stressful life events to go through. As your life as you know it changes, working through the details of separation only adds to the stress. If this is what you’re facing, one of the options you may want to consider is mediation. Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular option for families facing separation. Many people who choose mediation over going to court report that at the end of the process, they have spent less money, have resolved issues in less time, feel more satisfied with the outcome and have learned some new skills to communicate with the other party more peacefully -setting the groundwork for a stronger future.

Separation involves not only dealing with the emotional changes in your life, but forces you to divide property, assets, debt, etc. and can also involve making arrangements for custody and access of children, child support, spousal support, and developing an effective co-parenting plan. Compared to the traditional option of going court, mediation allows you and the other party to maintain control over working through these details. Why would you want someone who knows nothing about you and your family to make all the decisions for you? Family mediators have specific training in acting as a neutral third party. They do not make decisions for you, they facilitate you and the other party to make the decisions. They are specially trained to help you work through each specific issue related to your separation in order to develop a plan that works for both of you.

In general, mediation costs less money, takes less time and is a more positive process than going to court. We are happy to offer mediation as an option at Clarity Counselling Group. Our mediator, Caitlin Williams, is a member in good standing with Family Mediation Canada -the organization setting the highest standards for family mediators in Canada.

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Mediators are NOT lawyers, so an important consideration for anyone heading into mediation is to seek their own, independent legal advice to protect their own best interests. Even when involving your own legal advice, mediation typically still results in a less expensive process.

We invite you to contact us today if separation is something you are facing. Your mediator can help to determine whether or not this process is suitable for your situation, can walk you through what a typical mediation process looks like, and can help to connect you with other services that you may benefit from.